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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Lit Concert + Mars (the planet)

A few years ago I met Lit and hung out backstage. Back then I wouldn't even go to a concert unless I had backstage access. Needless to say, I've met a lot of bands. Lit was my favorite. They are cool guys. A Jay stands out for me the most.

Anyway, when I found out that they were going to be putting on a free show at the Empire Ballroom in Las Vegas, I immediately invited some friends. We were hooked up with a reserved private table above stage left. The cute waitress brought us a wonderful black cherry vanilla vodka, numerous juices, sodas, and Red Bulls. Lots of cocktails, good company, great music.. Las Vegas Magazine had me pose for some pictures. Who knows? Maybe they'll be published!

There were two attractive women whom I wanted to give my phone number too so I kept throwing business cards. After one landed on stage and one of the band members said ,"Hey! Some girl just threw us her business card!", I realized that my plan wasn't working.

Funny thing happened that night. I dropped my cell phone while in the bathroom. I had just entered the stall and before I had the opportunity to do anything, my cell phone fell out of my purse and into the toilet! It was still on but wouldn't allow me to do anything (even dial). After taking out the battery and putting it back in, it never turned back on again.

Lit put on a great show. The sound quality of the club was excellent. The staff was very professional. Nice club! We had a great time.

Afterwards four of us drove to the mountains to look at Mars. It wasn't the size of the moon. Not at all. Don't get me wrong, the sky was absolutely beautiful...I was just disappointed because I thought the "once in a lifetime" show was going to be big..

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bruce the Mormon

On the flight home a few nights ago, I met Bruce. He was a very polite gentleman and we started chatting right away. He asked what I did for a living and I sharply handed him my business card. This, of course, was before I learned that Bruce was a devout Mormon, an active part of his church, and happily married with 5 children. As a Sagittarius, I'm well known for putting my foot in my mouth. This is a great example!

Without knowing too much about them, I've never had a positive view on Mormons before. Bruce may have changed that. Listening to the reasoning behind what he believes and how it helps him live his life was really fascinating. His religion is not for me, but it obviously works for him...and that is all that matters!

He was very cool about my occupation and curious, to say the least. See, Bruce had never spoken to a stripper in his entire life. I told him that I would not be a good representative example. He told me that he would later bring up our chance meeting and discussions to both his wife and his congregation.

During our 3 hour flight we discussed a variety of topics. He asked the normal customer-dancer questions and I quized him on his religion. We discussed childrearing (I'm not a parent, btw) and the moral fabric of today's society. How it takes more than not being a bad person to qualify as a good person; being a good person is proactive. This was definitely an educational flight for both of us!

Everyone knows that Mormons have a lot of restrictions, but I never knew that they also have several positive "do" rules too (such as "Eat grains"). Church officials are not volunteers, instead they are members whom were asked to serve and chose to accept. They are not paid a salary and can often work 40+ hours a week within the church (not counting their normal job). Members are expected to pay 10% of their gross income to the church as tithes. This is a very sacrificing religion.

Many Mormons don't drink caffeine and I was always under the impression that was one of their rules. Bruce corrected me, "Only coffee and tea were forbidden." Really? Bruce drinks soda. Considering back when the rules were first decided soda didn't exist yet, isn't it reasonable to assume that it would have been forbiddem too?? Hehe.. "The rules aren't set in stone; only guidelines to live the best possible life." He enjoys soda as an acceptable luxury and doesn't drink the other two out of faith.

Bruce was a happy man. I find it amazing that someone can live that disciplined of a lifestyle and be happy...but, he was. Not many people have that much self-restraint. I sure don't. This was a fun plane ride.

Friday, August 19, 2005

No Wet Dream For Me

I have wet dreams several times per month. The sex is always awesome, perfect in every way, totally intense, and I orgasm in real life at the end. Usually I wake up mid-orgasm so that I can milk out every last pulse.

My dream sex world is always anonymous. I've never seen, met, or dreampt about the person before. Maybe this is one of the neccessary factors to add to my excitement.

Last night I was talking to a friend on the phone and he suggested I dream about him. I told him that I always have sexual dreams and never with anyone I know. Jokingly (or not) he suggested I could dream about him having sex with another guy. Now, I do like to watch that so I said "maybe". Just like guys like to watch two women go at it, I feel the same way about men. About all people in general. While I am an exhibitionist, I'm probably even more of a voyeur and love watching any kind of sex related to consenting adults.

So, last night I dreampt about someone I know. No, it wasn't the guy I spoke to last night on the phone. Dreaming about someone you know in a sexual way isn't the same. It loses that oomph somehow.

On to my dream... It was very stimulating. We were fooling around and maybe 5 minutes away from fucking when I got "caught". That's right, another friend walked in. The first guy was still half clothed; I was naked and hiding behind a shower curtain. With how much I despise water, I find it ironic we were fooling around in the bathroom.

Anyway, in my dream it became uncomfortable. I wasn't sure if the second guy was trying to save me from cheating or if he wanted to jump in. Either way, it changed the dynamics of my dream. I no longer felt comfortable moving forward. No hot sex, no orgasm. I woke up much more sexually frustrated than normal.

To the friend who suggested I dream about him: this is all your fault!! I've never been "busted" in my dreams before and I'm sure it was because I knew the person. You probably won't accept the blame because it wasn't you in my dream, but I have NEVER dreampt about anyone I've known before. This happened because of your suggestion and you need to find me a hot bisexual girlfriend for casual sex to make this up!

To the guy who was in my dream: if we're meant to have hot dream sex, I'm sure I'll dream about you again. I'm much more sexually frustrated now than I was yesterday, so tonight's dream better make up for that (with or without you).

To the friend who interrupted, I'm not sure what to think.....

Anonymous dream sex is easier..

Monday, August 1, 2005

"Hot blonde stripper looking for a female "friend with benefits" - Las Vegas"

I have been trying to place an ad on Match.com for the past few days. It seems that everything is considered explicit. I should have posted my original ad here. It was the raciest. It's against Match.com's policy to place an ad just looking for sex. How silly is that?

My first try went something like this:
I'm an attractive blonde stripper seeking another very attractive lady for adult play. I am not looking for anything serious, just something fun and casual. Let's experiment! I am fit and have a very voluptuous curvy figure. You should be gorgeous! Even though I've been with a lot of women, I still consider myself an amateur and would love to have a single girlfriend to gather quality experience and learn more from. There's no such thing as too much practice!

After NUMEROUS edits, I'm still getting disqualifying emails:

Thanks for submitting your profile. We’re currently unable to publish your submission because a portion of what you wrote violates our Terms of Use http://www.match.com/registration/membagr.aspx.

Your profile contains:

· Telephone numbers, street addresses, first and/or last names, URLs and/or email addresses
· Sexually explicit material of any kind (descriptions of body parts, sexual acts, etc.)
· Patently offensive language (promotes racism, bigotry, etc)
· Solicitation of business opportunities
· Solicitation of “escort” type services
· Reference to inflicting bodily injury to yourself/others

I'm an attractive blonde seeking another very attractive lady who's interested in going out and having fun. I am not looking for a really serious relationship, just a something fun and casual. Let's experiment! I am fit and have a very voluptuous curvy figure. You should be gorgeous! I consider myself an amateur and would love to have a single girlfriend to gather quality experience and learn more from.

Here is my most recent edit (may still get rejected):
I'm an attractive blonde seeking another very attractive lady who's interested in going out dancing, shopping, and who knows.... I am fit and have a very curvy figure. You should be gorgeous! I'm a stripper and would prefer a lady with similar lifestyle. Let's have fun!

My photos keep being rejected too:

We apologize but at this time we are unable to add the photo you submitted to your profile. Please submit another photo or crop yours to meet the following guidelines:

- Your face must be visible (no sunglasses, both eyes must be visible)
- No nudity, sheer or otherwise "see-through" material
- No drawings, caricatures or other illustrations
- No copyrighted images

- No nudity, sheer or otherwise "see-through" material
- No copyrighted images

We will not post any photo we feel is too suggestive or explicit.

It's amazing. Even a bra that covers more than a bikini top is considered too suggestive! How am I supposed to find a casual girlfriend without sexy pics?

My 4th pic just got denied. I hope with the tame ad and boring pic I'll have to put up I don't attract a lesbian looking for a serious relationship. I don't want that at all......

Grrrrrrrr...... They just switched my heading to read "Hot blonde looking for a female - Las Vegas"

That is much different than my original "Hot blonde stripper looking for a female "friend with benefits" - Las Vegas". It sounds like I don't have any standards.. I switched it to "Gorgeous Hot Model looking for same - Las Vegas". Hopefully that stays. This is so tough!