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Friday, April 22, 2016

Theme Song change

I have decided to reinstate my 2010 theme song: Ziggy Marley "True to Myself." It was appropriate then and is now.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Back to stripper weight

Remember the weight that I gained after I quit smoking weed many years ago? Those 10 pounds that I gained and was never able to lose since? Well, I finally lost it. No, I did not start smoking again. I am not taking diet pills and I'm exercising the same as I have been. What I have changed is how I eat. I am pretty sure that quitting sugar finally enabled my body to let go of those few pounds. And, it was effortless!

For the past many years, I have weighed 145. My goal weight is to be between 130 and 135. More than 135 and I might muffintop. Today I weigh 133. The reason my heading says "back to stripper weight" instead of "back to model weight" is because I would often lose an additional 5 pounds to model. Most of my photoshoots were at 130. Less than 130 and I believe I look too skinny. I have always been upfront about my weight because so many women lie about theirs and men have unrealistic expectations for what a woman should weigh.

When I hung out with the porn crowd, I used to always joke that if I anonymously called one of them up to inquire about modeling and told them that I was 5'5" 135 pounds they would tell me I was too fat. They all agreed. Yet, this is what I weighed and I was constantly asked to do porn. While I have no judgments against the ladies who do porn, it isn't for me. I love sex, yet I love sex in private. This is why I did bikini & pin-up modeling and did not become a porn star.

I am super happy to have lost this weight. Not that I looked bad, because I didn't. My body stays hourglass no matter what, so it was just an additional 2 inches everywhere. However, after being a stripper it is difficult to accept having a waist larger than 26". Thanks to my healthy lifestyle choices, I am back to being below that.